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              Dr. Ardalan Armin 學術報告(7月10日 14:00, 化西210會議室)
              來源: 作者: 更新時間:2019-07-10

              報告題目:Challenges in solution processable photovoltaic technologies

              報告人:Dr. Ardalan Armin (Swansea University, UK

              時間:2019710日(星期三) 14:00-15:00



              Why, despite considerable R&D efforts and significant translational investment over the past 20 years, has the technology of solution-processed thin film solar cells not become a commercial reality? The manufacturing cost-to-power conversion efficiency ratio seems persuasive, as do the energy payback and embodied energy metrics. As new perovskite-based semiconductors achieve impressive efficiencies and organic semiconductors enjoy a resurgence, the lab-to-manufacturing translation and scaling questions require urgent attention. In this presentation I address the challenges in solution processable photovoltaic technologies faced by scientists and engineers in addressing these questions, and highlights the concept of thick junctions as a promising solution.


              Dr. Ardalan Armin is a Senior Lecturer at the department of physics of Swansea University. After graduation from University of Queensland he worked there as postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics and the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems. He then received a Ser-Cymru II Rising Star Fellowship funded by the Welsh Government and the European Union. He moved to Swansea University 2018 and established an optoelectronics laboratory and a research group within Sustainable Advanced Materials Ser-Cymru II initiative.  His research interests include disordered semiconductors, thin film solar cells, and photodetection and sensing using advanced materials.

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